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28 December 2015
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22 December 2017
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Continuos flight augers CFA


The foundation works realized with the CFA method are pali cations put in place through the use of a continuous column of propellers, whose length depends on the depth to be reached. The continuous propellers are equipped with a central tube whose internal passage is used for the injection of concrete. When the concrete injection is started, the propellers are progressively extracted, bringing the excavated soil
on the surface.
The coupling of the single sections of continuous propellers takes place by means of M / F hexagonal joints; the terminal tip of the CFA column is a double initial principle propeller element, which can be of the rock or ground type, equipped with peaks or with interchangeable teeth.
The thickness of the augers are equipped with hard coatings.

The end part of the propeller is provided with a state for the release of the concrete and is equipped with a metal protection cap with a chain recovery system.

– Hexagonal joint dimensions available on request.

– Central tube made with single or double wall.

– Lengths and diameters available on request

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